Disqus on Ghost

You'll need to setup a Disqus account as well as add the domain you want to setup Disqus on. You can setup an account via this link: https://disqus.com/profile/signup/.

  1. Log into Disqus once your account is created and select the Installation menu.
  2. Choose Ghost and copy the Universal Code snippet provided.
  3. Log into your Ghost instance and download your current theme.
  4. Unzip and open the post.hbs file.
  5. Place the snippet where you'd like Disqus to load.
  6. Zip up your theme and rename accordingly. (Ghost won't overwrite a theme with the same name.)
  7. Once uploaded just activate and Disqus will load independently on each post page.
  8. Placement is key, you can move the snippet around until you find a good fit on your blog.

Keep in mind the free tier of Disqus does contain ads but you can upgrade if you wish.