PXE Boot Surface MDT/WDS

PXE Boot Surface MDT/WDS

This is a simple how-to for booting Surface Pro 4's to PXE. This guide utilizes both PXE and UEFI on a Windows MDT/WDS setup.

Verify the following DHCP roles are configured on the correct DHCP server scope:

066 Boot Server Host Name: IP of MDT/WDS Server
067 Bootfile Name: boot\x64\wdsmgfw.efi

The 067 file specified above is specifically for UEFI only. Please keep this is mind if you plan on imaging legacy devices in the future. You'll need to change this back to boot\x64\wdsnbp.com in order to image legacy.

Microsoft recommends you utilize IP Helpers but DHCP still works and serves its purpose.

Also make sure you have the most recent firmware... This tends to be pushed somewhat frequently. Log into the surface and run Windows Update if you're having issues with PXE booting. Below is an example of an update released for the SP4 firmware:

March 2017 updates
March 8 release
The following updates are available for all Surface Pro 4 devices:
Microsoft driver update for Surface UEFI
106.1427.768.0 improves system stability and performance.

Boot to PXE via the BIOS:

Hold the volume up button down and power on while continuing to hold the volume up button. Once you get into the BIOS you can let go and navigate the options.

Select Boot configuration from within the Surface UEFI and swipe left on PXE Network. This presents a confirmation to boot to the device, just press "Ok" and proceed.