SysOps AWS Certification Preparation

SysOps AWS Certification Preparation

This post covers how I prepared for the test, and the resources I used.

After using AWS for 5 years I decided achieving and attaining this would be something beneficial. I enjoy using AWS and think in terms of evolving the space they're still the go-to in 2019. I'll share with you how I prepared for this test, and what resources helped me along the way. Aside from finding some musical motivation for studying content, I highly recommend the following content/personal resources:

I took the following udemy SysOps course in order to obtain a general understanding of what was expected and what to learn: The course presents about 17 hrs of content to run though. I've been using AWS now for a number of years and skipped through the On-Hands stuff which resulted in a huge cut of what I did/didn't need to review using. It's also critical you review API and service whitepapers available via AWS. These are rather dry but direct in terms of features and explanations.

In terms of preparing for the cert test itself. I recommend reviewing Error Codes specific to services but also remediation for those services and understanding how to troubleshoot on the fly. The most common questions relate to how to do debug what where when and within what situation. If these are not concepts you fully grasp I wouldn't recommend taking the test. However, the course content on udemy prepares you for error codes and appropriate handling. This is a strong and ongoing topic in the exam. You'll also need to keep in mind terminology and how the question does/doesn't hint at the proper answer. I also wrote my own notes and chose to share, feel free to have a look here: Notes.pdf

Wish you the best of luck on this test! It's not for faint of heart and does take a 20-30 hour commitment to feel comfortable with the content. Again, this is coming from someone who has utilized AWS for a number of years.

Thanks for your time and best of luck to you! I hope this guide helps you learn as well as apply current knowledge.